Benefits of Underpinning

In the construction world, underpinning is a process in which you strengthen and also stabilise a foundation of a building which could be potentially dangerous if no action was taken. What are the benefits of underpinning a building or structure the building really need the work doing to it? These maybe a few of the question you may ask yourself if a surveyor tells you that your building needs underpinning. A few of the reasons and benefits you should consider are as follows…

1) The existing foundations are not strong / stable enough – underpinning will correct these problems.

2) The use of the building has changed – Possibly you have changed the purpose of a building, maybe from a house to a shop – underpinning will allow the building to take more pressure.

3) The soil properties that the building lies upon have changes Рthere could have been some movement in the ground, perhaps through subsidence Рunderpinning will help strengthen the building in this case.  the best shotcrete companies in colorado

4) New buildings or structures added to the surrounding area. If a new house is build next to an existing property, then underpinning maybe needed to strengthen the first property.

5) Land cost has increased. If the price of land increases by a great deal, it maybe cheaper to use underpinning with a view to improving the existing property (perhaps adding a new floor) rather than purchasing more land.

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