Product packaging 101: When to use custom stickers, tapes and boxes



Product packaging sounds straightforward. But it is a complex, and sometimes knotty area. Especially, if you have just founded your business and are working with a limited budget.


But with this article, we will bring product packaging back to basics and share our best packaging tips with you. All of these revolve around affordable items like boxes, tapes, and stickers. 


If you are looking for a versatile solution, we recommend ordering plain materials and investing in sticker printing. This way you can brand your packaging in-house without having to pay for custom printing. 


Are you ready for more tips and tricks? Then let’s get started. 


  1. To communicate quality 


Product packaging communicates quality. A 2018 study has found that, particularly, consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 perceive cardboard packaging as more attractive and higher quality than other materials. 


This makes cardboard boxes the perfect packaging option for most products. You can then build on this impression by adding high-quality effect stickers to create an eye-catching look. 


Such stickers are available in silver, gold, glitter, or even holographic. Think about the product you are selling and choose the material that matches the product features you want to highlight. These stickers can turn a plain cardboard box into a luxurious product experience in record time. 


  1. To secure your products 


If you are part of an e-commerce business, this tip is for you. In a physical shop, consumers can interact with a product before making a purchase decision. When we order online, this is not an option. Consumers have to trust your product images and descriptions. 


Show them that they have made the right decision from the get-go. Their first interaction with your brand is likely the moment their order arrives. Ensure that you leave a great first impression with the right materials. 


Select a resistant material that will arrive intact. Use tape or stickers to secure your shipping boxes, envelopes, or mailers. This shows your customers that their order is unopened. It also offers you a great canvas. 


Print a lovely message or a funny joke onto your quality seal to make customers smile before they even open your order. If you are looking for stickers to do this with, try out these UK-based custom vinyl stickers.


  1. To increase customer retention


A beautiful product experience reassures customers and will make them come back for more. Your product packaging can help you achieve that. But there is one more game-changing tip we have for you: add free stickers with your orders. 


Stickers are a marketing superpower because they are not perceived as advertising. Everybody loves stickers and, no matter how old we get, they have a certain allure. This makes us see free stickers as a gift. 


Gift-giving is well-established in marketing because it ignites positive emotions that then become associated with your brand. Since you want your customers to love and use their stickers, we recommend using waterproof stickers, as they give your customers the most flexibility. 


And those were our top three tips on creating effective product packaging. Have you tried any of these before? Or maybe you have more ideas you would like to share? Then please leave us a comment in the section below. 

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